repetition and standardisation should not limit possibility!

supermanoeuvre's investment in advanced computational design approaches, emerging fabrication technologies and the rediscovery of artisanal processes enables a renewed pursuit of the non-standard and unique in design.

In 2013, supermanoeuvre were commissioned to design a pavilion celebrating the 40th anniversary of Jorn Utzon's magnificent Sydney Opera House. Inspired by Utzon’s seamless integration of design, material, structural and construction logics, the pavilion demonstrates the ability of advanced computational design methodologies to embed such constraints within the creative processes of the design. An approach we call fabrication-aware-form-finding. The UTZON/40 pavilion challenges the traditionally linear and compartmentalised workflows of design and construction via the development of an algorithmic design model model that simultaneously negotiates structural shape, part generation and the very machine instruction code necessary to the fabrication of the timber and concrete parts. The realisation of new levels of fluidity between the act of design and  the processes of production allow for entirely unique  without increased time or financial cost.