The MYOLA HOUSE sets a new benchmark for affordable sustainable living in Australia. The project demonstrates the possibilities of coupling passive design principles with sophisticated digital simulation tools, to realise outstanding environmental performance. Beyond which, the project takes a broader cultural position through the exclusive use of locally sourced materials and trades. Notably, all timber framing and cladding is sourced and processed at the local timber mill, just 500m from the site.

The Cyprus timber facade is treated with an ancient Japanese method of fire sealing - Shou-Sugi-Ban - to attain a highly sustainable, no-maintenance, chemical free and termite-resistant finish that is as beautiful as it is functional. The MYOLA HOUSE  presents a new formal language of sustainability by inverting the typical “pitched roof” house diagram. The thick, highly insulated and ventilated ceiling space serves as a thermal buffer keeping the rooms below cool in summer and warm in winter. The ceiling is intricately folded to negotiate environmental control - solar gain, storage and glare - and the creation of beautiful living spaces. Each valley-fold defines a functional zone, while each peak-fold either frames a carefully selected view or receives specific sun angles.

TMH_Model_1500_300_NO SHADOW_NO FLIP.jpg