What does the future look like?

supermanoeuvre is an international award winning architecture and innovation company. Operating at the overlap of design and technology we combine extensive architectural design experience with expertise in computational design, robotics and advanced fabrication methods. This enables us to deliver unique, culturally valuable and high performing projects that achieve significant material, labour and energy efficiencies.

An exemplar project that showcases the practice’s unique capabilities and innovative approach is NEST HILO, a construction innovation demonstration project due for completion in 2017.  Situated in Zurich, Switzerland, NEST HILO is a two-storey penthouse apartment for visiting academics and is commissioned by the Swiss government materials research agency: EMPA.

Key innovations developed for the project are:

- An ultra-thin, thermally active and energy generating concrete roof shell designed and constructed in a materially minimal way.

- A thermally active, pre-fabricated, concrete floor system that uses 70% less concrete than conventional approaches.

- An adaptive Solar Facade employing soft-robotics and machine learning to negotiate energy generation, solar-ingress, privacy and outlook desires.

NEST HILO is designed in close collaboration with the Block Research Group [BRG] and Architecture and Building Systems research group [A/S] at the ETH Zurich and exemplifies the possibility of a multi-disciplinary and highly integrated design team.

Virtual tour of roof prototype by Zitronenwolf