always exceed The client brief!

This simple rule defines our approach to everything we do.  A supermanoeuvre project that demonstrates our ability to add value through creative design is our competition winning scheme for a winery in Victoria’s Yarra Valley. Turning constraints into opportunities the project creatively buries the barrel-store adjacent to and sloping away from the wine fermentation and production hall.  This move yields significant advantages: mechanical pumping is eliminated replaced by gravity-fed distribution; forklift travel and turning is minimised via direct ramping; the earth covered storage vaults provide temperature and humidity stability all but eliminating energy intensive cooling and ventilation systems.

Moreover, in burying the barrel storage vaults, the project transforms the once flat site into an undulating landscape. This simultaneously reduces the visual bulk of the main building and generates a suite of formal and informal external spaces for weddings, concerts, picnics and other events. Together these elements and performance gains expanded business opportunities that capitalise on the Yarra region’s shift towards hospitality and tourism in concert with wine production.